Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Am I the only one who loves Anthropologie stuff? Especially, DIY knock offs?!  Anthropolgie has some seriously cute items for the home, but lets face it, $150 for one drapery panel? I think not. I see ideas on Pinterest all the time and if you can do it for 1/4 of the cost, then why the heck not? My friend had the one up on me, and had already made these for her bedroom. They were so cute! So I decided to give them a shot. Seemed relatively simple. And so it should have been.... Ha!

I am just not a natural born seamstress. Both my grandmothers were expert level seamstresses and could whip up a project from scratch. It was like a super power! My Mom was a great seamstress as well. My sister and I always had matching outfits and dresses, not to mention all of those fun Halloween costumes over the years. Sadly, the line ended there.  I just do not have the skill. This project is Level: EASY and even I should have breezed through it, but alas, my machine and I had a disagreement and the machine won.- 1 machine, 0 Amanda. :)

So yes, the machine bested me, but while it was being repaired, I continued on by hand with the ruffles. When I got the machine back, the remaining sewing was done in an hour. :) This really is an easy project, I swear!

Also, did I mention that this is made from 2 twin sheets? I ended up using 3 actually, but that's because I did my ruffles by hand and really liked them tight.

This project cost me a total of $15 and in total sewing time was only a few hours. It should only take a day for those with a working machine. :)

Original Pin:

Visit her blog above to see more of her DIY ideas! Such a cute blog!

Items Needed:
1) 2 twin sheets of your choice in color and pattern.( I used beige from Walmart for $4.98 each)
2) Matching thread
3) Sewing machine
4) Scissors

How To:
1) If the sheets are wrinkled, you may want to iron them out so its easier to measure and cut, etc.
2) You need 3 six inch wide strips for the ruffles on each drape panel, so cut a section of sheet about 18 inches wide lengthwise.
3) Cut the 18 inch section into 3 six inch sections.
4) On the side of the sheet you cut, hem using a straight stitch on your machine.
5) I did not hem the ruffles, but you may choose to at this time if you want a more finished look.
6) Now its time to ruffle! Cut one of the 6 inch pieces in half. When you ruffle you lose length! If you have a machine, adjust your tension and create the ruffles. Or take a bit more time to hand ruffle. If you visit her tutorial above she shows how to use the machine and ruffle. I recommend the machine way! lol
7) So now you should have 2 long ruffles for each panel and the panels themselves.

8) Now, you know the top of the sheet that is about a 3 inch hem? Start to pin the ruffles onto the panel  just below that hem. Later that hem will be the rod pocket. The ruffles should be about 13 to 14 inches in from the outer edge on each side. Pin the ruffle all the way down to the bottom hem. Securing it for easy sewing.
9) Time to sew! Carefully and purposefully sew a straight stitch right down the middle of the ruffles and onto your panel. remember to remove those pins as you go!
10) This is where I cheated...I used that fabric stuff that is a glue strip and with heat from a iron seals a hem. I folded over the 3 inch hem and glued the rod pocket together. The other option is to cut a slit in the side of that 3 inch hem and its already a pocket. The tutorial from the Original Pin did hers that way. Take a look to see what you think is easier for you!
11) Hang up your glorious new drapes! Be ready to be wowed at your own savvy! :)

Don't these make a difference in the room? This project is very inexpensive and is very simple. In total, an afternoon could yield you a new accessory to your windows! If there is anything unclear on this How To, please let me know! I would love any feedback!

-Happy Pinning!


  1. How pretty! I love the ruffle. Thanks for the tutorial, well done!

  2. Thank you Laurie! I really like how they turned out. Its funny how one small thing can change the look of a room. :)