Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Spring Wreath!

My sister Rachel sent me a VERY cruel text message yesterday. It was her weather forecast from Las Vegas, NV of 80 degrees and sunny. Jealous! It's not even close to that here! Its gray, windy, bitterly cold, and feeling far from spring. This is the time of year I long to go back south, but when its 115 degrees in July, I get to return her taunt with our forecast of 90 and gorgeous. Ha!

SO wherever you are, whatever your temps, here is a little bit of spring! I made this wreath for a friend that needed a gift for her Mother-in-Law. She told me that her Mother-in-Law was always giving her crafty gifts and wanted to give her a bit of spring. I tried my best. Some happy colors and some little lady bugs to stomp out that dreary gray and bring in some color and sunshine. The possibilities, color combos, and embellishments could be endless!

It was super easy and I highly recommend updating your porch wreath with some fun colors. My next wreath is going to be a gray chevron wreath for Easter so stay tuned! Here's the how to for our Happy Spring Wreath:


1) Straw or foam wreath form ($5 at Hobby Lobby)
2) Burlap ribbon or regular burlap cut into long strips($4.99 at Hobby Lobby for ribbon or $3 a yard for regular)
3) Red Chevron Burlap Ribbon ($4.99 at Hobby Lobby)
4) Yellow Chevron Burlap Ribbon(I already had on hand but also $4.99 at Hobby Lobby)
5) Pearl pins ($1.89 at Walmart)
6) Lady bugs ($2.99 from Hobby Lobby)
7) Hot glue gun and glue sticks (hand on hand)
8) Twine (had on hand)

Wreath How To:

1) Take the burlap ribbon and wrap it around the wreath form covering it all. Secure with hot glue.
2) Make burlap flowers in the colors or patters of your choice. Secure with pins until you are satisfied with your arrangement. Then glue permanently with hot glue. (Here is a link for a good how to on burlap flowers: http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/burlap-roses-tutorial)
3) Place your lady bugs, or other type of detail, where you desire and hot glue to secure.
3) Make your bow and place in desired location.  Hot glue to secure. You may also use wreath wire if you have some to double secure it if your bow is large or heavy.

Bow How To:

1) Take your ribbon and from end to end (about a 12 to 16 inch strip) and make a circle. Ends slightly overlapping each other.
2) With your hands, grip the center tightly with the end to the back(you should see a bow shape) and wrap twine around the middle. Hot glue the twine at the back of the bow. Ta da!
3) You can add the long ends that poke out from underneath by adding a strip underneath the bow. Cut the ends for the V shape if desired. Super easy!

As always if you have questions, leave a comment!

I hope this happy colored wreath inspires some spring crafts! Lets will in Spring and see green grass and sun again!

Happy Pinning!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mood boost- Beauty finds!

Its February already?! Goodness! Its been an adventure in my home the last 2 months and things are finally finding their groove again. I don't know about you, but January is always this kind of dreary month. The weather is grey and unyielding, and I get a bit of cabin fever. Somehow this always translates into a trip to the drug store for a few bright new shades of lipstick or nail polish to try to lift my spirits. Now more than ever I need that little mood boost post-pregnancy! Today I want to introduce you to a few of my new favorites!

I am so pleasantly surprised by this stick foundation! It is by Drew Berrymore's new line of Flower make-up. It goes on so smooth and is super easy to blend. It covers perfectly but isn't cakey or thick.  To top it off, no testing on animals! Did I also mention its only $8.98 at Walmart?

I LOVE bright blush! This is also one of Drew Barrymore's new Flower line. I am using the color called Pure Petunia. Its a bright pretty pink, but it goes on soft and light. Its a cream blush so just a quick dab with your finger and your face is instantly brightened! It retails at $7.98! Quite the bargain!
Win Some, Rouge Some

I was given a fun new make-up bag for Christmas and inside were these Pencil Lip Gloss sticks. I LOVE them! They are by E.L.F. cosmetics. They go on so smooth with subtle color and not too much shine. I have three colors : Summer Nights, Pink Umbrellas, and Flirty & Girly. Its hard to chose what color is my favorite! These are $2 a piece at Walmart. So affordable and so fun!

(This photo is from makeupfu)       http://flowerbeauty.com/face/detail/11

Lastly, my hair needs some perking up when its so dang dry and cold! I have been using a shampoo and leave in conditioner by Sexy Hair called Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent Color Care. I dye my hair so it needs tender love and care. :)  I also use their Soy Leave-in conditioner. Smells so good and leaves my hair silky soft! 

I love dabbling in the world of make-up. It's so easy to change the color of your lips or the tint of your eye-liner for a refreshing change! I follow a make-up blog called Maskcara at www.Maskcara.com. Her name is Cara Brooks and she is adorable! So many fun tutorials and tid bits. She does fun make-overs and give aways. Go check her out! Update your make-up bag with a few new colors and feel a bit of spring on your face, real or not! :)

As always, Happy pinning!