Monday, February 3, 2014

Mood boost- Beauty finds!

Its February already?! Goodness! Its been an adventure in my home the last 2 months and things are finally finding their groove again. I don't know about you, but January is always this kind of dreary month. The weather is grey and unyielding, and I get a bit of cabin fever. Somehow this always translates into a trip to the drug store for a few bright new shades of lipstick or nail polish to try to lift my spirits. Now more than ever I need that little mood boost post-pregnancy! Today I want to introduce you to a few of my new favorites!

I am so pleasantly surprised by this stick foundation! It is by Drew Berrymore's new line of Flower make-up. It goes on so smooth and is super easy to blend. It covers perfectly but isn't cakey or thick.  To top it off, no testing on animals! Did I also mention its only $8.98 at Walmart?

I LOVE bright blush! This is also one of Drew Barrymore's new Flower line. I am using the color called Pure Petunia. Its a bright pretty pink, but it goes on soft and light. Its a cream blush so just a quick dab with your finger and your face is instantly brightened! It retails at $7.98! Quite the bargain!
Win Some, Rouge Some

I was given a fun new make-up bag for Christmas and inside were these Pencil Lip Gloss sticks. I LOVE them! They are by E.L.F. cosmetics. They go on so smooth with subtle color and not too much shine. I have three colors : Summer Nights, Pink Umbrellas, and Flirty & Girly. Its hard to chose what color is my favorite! These are $2 a piece at Walmart. So affordable and so fun!

(This photo is from makeupfu)

Lastly, my hair needs some perking up when its so dang dry and cold! I have been using a shampoo and leave in conditioner by Sexy Hair called Healthy Sexy Hair Reinvent Color Care. I dye my hair so it needs tender love and care. :)  I also use their Soy Leave-in conditioner. Smells so good and leaves my hair silky soft! 

I love dabbling in the world of make-up. It's so easy to change the color of your lips or the tint of your eye-liner for a refreshing change! I follow a make-up blog called Maskcara at Her name is Cara Brooks and she is adorable! So many fun tutorials and tid bits. She does fun make-overs and give aways. Go check her out! Update your make-up bag with a few new colors and feel a bit of spring on your face, real or not! :)

As always, Happy pinning!

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