Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Girly Girl Room Make-Over: Part 1!

I don't know what it is about planning a surprise, but its always so much fun! Just before school started, my daughter got to go spend a fun week with grandma for some one on one time. While she was away, I secretly updated her room.  Seriously so much fun! When she arrived home she walked in, took a big breath, and declared,"Oh my gosh, Mom!" (I have it on film if you don't believe me. Ha!) So my effort was rewarded by big hugs and kisses. Best payment ever!

I loved her bedding and didn't want to change it, but this room was feeling drab despite its cheery theme. So I used what I already had and turned her room from drab to fab in 4 days!

First, I painted her dresser and head board(I've had it sitting in the garage for over a year!). That was the longest part of this project. I spray painted the headboard using Krylon in Blue Ocean Breeze. Its my favorite spray paint and color! Then I painted the dresser body white. I used the Krylon spray paint for the bottom two drawers and bought acrylic paint from Walmart to mix the next two shades. It was the Apple Barrel brand in Cloudless and Regular White. The middle drawers I mixed the Cloudless with a little white. The top drawers I mixed only a little of the blue into the white. Ta da! Ombre dresser! And of course a coat or two of clear top coat.

For the wall art, I already had a canvas left over from another project and the letters that spelled Emma from her nursery, oh so long ago. So I bought two more canvas and a pack of stickers. No joke, it was a total of $13 at Michael's! The canvas were a 2-pack and on sale for $4.99 (reg 9.99) and the stickers were $7.99. I did not paint the canvas, just left them white. I spray painted the E-M-M-A gold(Krylon Brand that I had on hand) and then hot glued them to the canvas and placed the stickers on the other two. Done in an hour!

Last, I made a silhouette to go above her bed. I found the mirror on sale at Hobby Lobby for $15. I then took the mirror out and replaced it with the striped paper and the cutout of her silhouette. All I did was take a pic of Emma standing with her profile against a bright background. I had it printed up at Walmart in an 8x10 and then cut it out and traced it on a black sheet of construction paper. I then glued it to the pink and white striped paper and placed it in the frame. Ta da!

I am VERY happy with how this room turned out. So much better and lighter and it was so simple!

I believe part of a good transformation is using what you already have. I didn't buy brand new furniture or bedding. I didn't overhaul the paint job or anything drastic. Just worked with what we had. Its one of the best things on a budget!

Stop by again to see Part 2 later! Another post I'm working on is a Piano make-over!

Have a great day and Happy Pinning!