Sunday, May 29, 2016

Camping or Glamping?

Hello All!

If you haven't noticed, I disappeared for a while. Life got in the way. Wish I could say it was something interesting, but sometimes being an adult is just plain hard. Being a parent is hard. And sometimes, just getting through the day has to be enough. I make no pretense about anything other than that. For the last 6 months MY life has been hard, and I just haven't made the effort I was making before to find the time for myself, let alone to blog. I have remedied that today. Today I shall blog. It's nothing big. No current project or fantastical idea. Just something that is fun. Something for those who will find themselves sleeping under the stars next to a campfire with family and friends...or...for those more like myself...Glampers. Those campers who bring a little civilization with them in the form of a camper with running water and a shower. Ha!

I LOVE the smell of a campfire. That smoky goodness that sparks the memory of family and... S'mores. Hehe. As a kid I went with my church youth and spent a week in tents and sleeping bags, surrounding campfires with giggles and ghost stories, and hunting Snipes(mythical unreal creatures) until the group leaders sent us back to our tents. I was taught to love camping. Good times. Good memories.

For all those who will find themselves outdoors enjoying a summer retreat this summer(or even those just brave enough for their backyard), here are some SERIOUSLY fun ideas!

Campfire Cones filled with marshmallows, chocholate, bananas and so much more. You'll love this treat. (Fun & Easy, Oh So Yummy Summer Dessert):

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I kinda think its a sin not to make S'mores when you go camping, but this version? Jump in my mouth please! Don't these look absolutely delicious?! Pop on over to Hop2save's blog and check out this recipe and other way fun ideas!

Camping Hot Dogs Recipe for the Campfire - Take these hot dogs to the backyard this summer or use as a camping entree idea on your text trip. Recipe on Fugal Coupon Living.:

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Looking for an easy campfire meal? Check this out! Campfire hot dogs on a stick! Visit for this recipe along with several others like Campfire Cinnamon Rolls and some great camping hacks!

Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away.- Camping Hacks:

Speaking of campfires...did you know if you burn sage in your campfire, you keep mosquitoes and other unwelcome pests at bay? Check it out at the above Buzzfeed link. She also has a fun list of camping hacks.

10 Campfire Games - 10 fun, no prep, family memory building games for around a campfire. Great for summer camping trips! (family vacation, camping, family games, play):

Campfires aren't just for tinfoil meals and staying warm, they are for singing, telling stories, and of course games! Here is a link to some fun game ideas!

Here is my list of the best camping supplies to buy at the dollar store (there's a free printable further down) so that you can focus on making memories during you next camping trip rather than keeping track of every little thing you brought with you.:

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Camping can be expensive, even just short trips. Here is an awesome site to help you out on tips and tricks to keeping down the bill! This is a great camping website!

Enjoy the great outdoors with these awesome designs. Hiking, Camping and more! Free Shipping on U.S. orders over $50.00.:

If you're like me, you like a good outfit even when camping. This site has a ton of fun camping t-shirts, hoodies, and more!

Campfire Starters | Your Ultimate Camping Checklist So you can spend more time roasting marshmallows. Toilet paper rolls and dryer lint are an inexpensive DIY project.:

Last but not least, the campfire! What's camping with no campfire? Surely not camping. Here's a great tutorial for making Fire Starter Kits. Please be mindful and follow your area's camping regulations during summer fire season! 

Summer is just around the corner and this three day weekend has jump started my motivation. Happy summer to you! Enjoy the warm weather headed your way! Enjoy your Glamping/camping!

And as always...Happy Pinning!