Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Summer time!!!

Summer is here!!!! Normally I'd say FINALLY! But this has been an unusually warm year. School is out, the temps are hot, and I've already been sun burned. Bust out the Slip N' Slide and lets do this right! Ha!

Here are some fun summer ideas to try with the kiddos! Side walk chalk, hand print art, and a tasty cupcake recipe. We had so much fun with these!

Break out the sidewalk chalk and create your own masterpeice! Google has some great ideas!             

I am a HUGE fan of capturing my kids hand and footprints in new ways. I love to hang them up on display, and its fun to look back and see how small they really were ...  Oh how fast they grow!

These cupcakes were delicious and so easy! Visit her blog for the recipe.

Root Beer Float Cupcakes perfect for rodeo days

These cupcakes were delicious and moist! A must try this summer! 

I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July! I hope to get back to posting to the blog more regularly again. Keep an eye out for some more summer fun!

-Happy Pinning!