Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Craft ideas with kids!

Happy Holidays from Pinterest and the Pauper!

Only one week and its Christmas! Here are some fun last minute ideas for Christmas crafting with the kids!

In need of a last minute Christmas Card? Don't worry about perfect hair and outfits! Roll outta bed and snap a photo of everyone in pj's! Smiles are optional for this silly idea! Perfect for a busy family with kids that are not so cooperative with smiles for the camera. You still get a fun card with high impact for the holidays. Can't tell you how many people loved this card idea when we sent ours out!

Would you like to capture your kids hand or foot prints this holiday season? Use a little paint and paper and create some artwork! We have done Christmas Trees, Reindeer, and this year Snowmen!

A second option to the above, use those hand prints on an ornament! Do you like to add new ornaments to your tree? Try this idea...Snowmen Hand prints! Just an ornament, paint, and sharpies!

Here's a few links to my other Christmas posts from years past!

Warm wishes from ours to yours! Enjoy your holidays!

-And Happy Pinning!

State Thread Artwork

If you have ever heard of Super Saturday, then you know about a fun filled afternoon full of crafts, food, and friends! I have seen these all over Pinterest, and so when I saw the sign up for this fun idea, I immediately put pen to paper! They also had DIY key chains, pumpkins made from toilet paper, and hand knitted scarves. Wish I could have done them all! I opted for the State artwork and the pumpkins(another post another time.) Below is my final result. I think these are so fun! 

This was a fairly straight forward and easy idea. So fun in fact, I plan to do two other states I've lived in to accompany my current one! All you need is:

1) A wooden plaque from Hobby Lobby or Michael's, (Stain it in your choice of color and let dry prior to placing the state on and hammering. You could also paint it a color too!)
2) The state of your choice printed out on a piece of paper to the size you want it. Then cut it out.
3) Gold or silver nails
4) A hammer.
5) Your choice of thread and stickers or paint.(I chose the color gold for stickers, brads, and the thread was white with gold flecks.)

I forgot to take a photo of the very first step. Oops! You want to print out your state outline and cut it out. Then lightly tape it to your board.

Next, Hammer the nails around the outline and a heart where your city is. Remove the paper when done, like above.

Then use your thread and string from the heart brads to the outline brads. Just loop them around as you go. Also run a line of thread along the outside brads to enforce the outline shape of your state. There's no right or wrong!

Last, use stickers or paint to add your word of choice. I chose "Home" but you could use the dates you moved there etc. 

It only takes an hour or less and is very inexpensive! Its maybe a $5 craft. If you decide you don't want a word you can make your state large enough to fit the whole board. You can make a series and hang them on the wall!

This would make a fun gift for Christmas! Happy Holidays and as always, Happy Pinning!