Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teacher Appreciation!

Ok, I know I promised my DIY knock-off Anthropologie curtains, and I solemnly swear they are on their way.  But, I had a HUGE fight with my sewing machine and the machine won. It had to go in for a check-up. I really did try! But its totally ancient and was my mother's. Was bound to need a tune-up eventually I guess. SO, while I finish my fun drapes up this weekend, here are two posts to make up for it!

This is the fun teacher appreciation gift that we made for my daughter's teacher. It was so simple and fun to put together! And to top it off, her teacher said it was totally different, and she liked it so much she didn't want to open it all the way and ruin its presentation! Score! Total cost? $10! Total appreciation? Priceless. :)

Original Pin:

What you'll need:

1) Empty 2 liter soda bottle cleaned.
2) Misc. items of your choosing such as candy, pencils, glue sticks, etc to put inside.
3) Tissue paper or paper grass to place inside.
4) Paper for the label
5) Printer and computer for label or if your handy at your own fun handwriting.
6) Scissors to cut  a secret door to place all the items in with.
7) Glue stick or Elmer's glue to seal the label on.
8) Any stickers, ribbons or extra embellishments

How to:
1) Clean out and dry the 2 liter soda bottle.

2) Once dry, cut a C shape in the side that will be big enough to place your hand through but not so big the label won't cover it up.
3) Place in the tissue paper or paper grass at the bottom.
4) Place the gift items inside on top of the paper. Arranging how you prefer.

5) If using paper grass, place just a bit at the top as well.

6) Print or make the label and glue it on over the C shape.
7) Embellish with ribbon and stickers.

8) Give to the teacher and expect a big Thank you!

My daughter and I had fun with this and just bought fun candy and teacher items from the Dollar store. It made her teacher smile and that just brightened my daughters day! To all those teachers out there, Thank you for all you do!

-Happy Pinning!

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