Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Countdown Calendar

I love Christmas Traditions! When I was a kid we had this Christmas countdown calendar that had these little doors you opened, and behind each door was a Christmas shaped chocolate. What kid doesn't love that?! I remember the anticipation each day to open the door and eat the little candy. I have looked everywhere, but have not found anything like it for my kids. Then I came upon this fun idea! A Christmas countdown calendar using a mini cupcake tin! Perfect for putting treats or activities behind each number. This craft cost me maybe $10. The cupcake tin I got at Walmart for $4.99 and then I got Christmas stickers, paper by the sheet, magnets, and the sticker numbers at Michael's. That cost me about $5 more dollars. Not too bad a budget!

My kids LOVE this calendar! Behind each number is either a candy or a folded slip of paper with an activity on it. Some of the activities include things like "Draw a picture of a snowman" or "Make Grandma's fudge." And of course other holiday traditions like going to look at holiday lights and reading the account of Christ's birth. And who doesn't like to find a surprise Andes Chocolate mint?!

Please note this countdown calendar can be made for any holiday and really any special occasion! Countdowns to birthdays would be really fun for kids(and adults too!).

Original Pin:
I pinned this last year and was sad to find that this online blog and store is now closed! But here is the link anyway! I give credit where credit is due!

I did make a few changes from the original Pin. Their version is hanging by a ribbon and is length-wise, but I placed mine on a little stand width-wise so my kids would have easier access to it. Either way its cute!

How to:

1) Cut out circles from your paper larger than the tin's cupcake slots.(I used a glass to draw a circle.)
2) Cut slightly smaller circles for the inner design and glue(I used a glue stick) to the larger circles.
3) Label each circle with a number or embellishment.
4) On the backs of each circle, place a small magnet to each side. Place circles over the slots.
5) Make a little sign that labels your calendar and embellish with stickers etc.
6) Secure sign to pan.
7) If wanting to hang, hot glue a ribbon to the top.
8) Write out activities or use candy and hide behind each number.
9) Place in desired location.

Calendar Complete!  It was super easy, and as I said before, my kids love it! If you are one of those super crafty people, a Cricut would make this project even easier and more precise. Put your own spin on it! Make it bright and bold or shabby chic. So many ways to use this project! Happy Crafting!

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