Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Dainty Bracelet!

Flash back to the days of making friendship bracelets as a kid! This version is easy, fast, and a little more grown-up. I saw this post on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make as a stocking stuffer for my sister. So I went to the local craft store(Hobby Lobby) and got the embroidery thread(.29 cents a color) from the sewing department and the silver rings($1.49 on sale) from the jewelry department. Total cost, $2.49! 

I switched a few things up...I used smaller rings, and I used embroidery thread instead of twine. The beauty of this simple craft is that it is all up to personal taste!

The original Pin:

Visit her site for her tutorial and for more fun DIY bracelets! She has a ton!

How I made mine:

1) I followed her tutorial pretty closely. I took my first color and ring and I cut 3 strands of the thread.
2) I bent the strands in half to make a loop at one end. Then I pulled the loop and ends of the thread thru the ring and pulled tight. Now I had 6 strands of thread ends.
3) Next, I grouped 2 threads each into 3 sections and braided to my desired length. 
4) I repeated step 1-3 on the other side. 

Ta Da! A dainty little bracelet. Then I repeated with 4 more colors. 

I tried them on together and think they are pretty fun! Was tempted to keep them for myself. Ha! Hope my sister likes her new little trinkets!

Happy Pinning! And Happy Holiday Crafting!

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