Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Footprints!

There is nothing more bittersweet than looking at tiny fingers and toes that have grown! Have you ever heard of Piggy & Paws, Inc? They are kinda like Scentsy or Silpada where you can host a party and they create the cutest hand and foot print art. I have gone to a few parties myself and adore the items they made with my daughters prints!

Last year we moved to a new city, we had a new baby in tow, and I couldn't find anyone doing them here. So I did what any one would do... Google! I found so many great sites and I even made some wall art for his little nursery (another post another time.) But then I saw this idea through Pinterest to make foot/hand print art for Christmas. So cute! Last year we did Reindeer prints and this year we did Christmas trees. I think next year I will try to find an idea for Snowmen. I hope to carry this tradition on and keep the art in an album or frames to see how they've grown each year. Like I said, bittersweet! Can you see the size difference below? The reindeer was an 8 month print and the tree is a 20 month print! (sighs)

The original Pin: (small disclaimer: Looking at this print, I am not sure that it is real. I followed the original link, but never found where it really came from.Not saying it isn't real, but the marks on the feet look a little drawn on. Either way it was my inspiration!)

Supplies you will need:
*Craft paint-colors of your choice(I used forest green and cherry red)
*a sponge paint brush
*Sharpies or paint markers(I used gold and yellow)
*glass of water
*plate or something to squirt paint on for your brush to dip
*piece of card stock paper-color of your choice

How to:

1) Clean the hand or foot you are using so there's no leftover food or dirt or something in the way!
2) Get the sponge brush damp, but not dripping.
3) Dip the brush in the color of paint you are using first(I did the green part first).
4) Generously cover the area of the hand or foot with the paintbrush.(the paint will be kinda thin because of the wet brush.)
5) If using a second color, rinse brush well and repeat step 3 and 4.
6) CAREFULLY take hand or foot with the wet paint on it and press down on your card stock paper.
7) Press down on the foot or hand with yours and try to make sure all the area has come in contact with the paper.
8) Carefully remove the hand or foot off the paper.
9) Clean off said hand or foot before the paint dries.
10) Now repeat with other hand or foot.
11) When it has fully dried, embellish with the details. For the Christmas Tree I used sharpies to make the star and stem. For the Reindeer I used google eyes, a red pom pom for the nose, and darker brown paint for the antlers.

It may take you a few tries to get it right so have a few sheets of the paper handy. If they move or it didn't take well, you can try again. :)

Have fun enjoying those tiny hand and foot prints! They grow up too fast!

And of course...Happy Pinning!

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