Wednesday, December 12, 2012

French Onion Burger of Wonder!

Who doesn't love a delicious burger?? I am of the opinion that burgers are for any time of year and for any occasion. They can be dressed up and fancy, made small as sliders, or my favorite, a "can't fit in your mouth" dripping with messy goodness kind of burger! (Drooling just thinking about it!)

No surprise, I am a total foodie! I LOVE me a good recipe and I love it even more when its so good I have to share. And of course I generally only share recipes that I find to be 1) super easy 2) pretty fail proof, and 3) FANTASTIC on the tastebuds!!

This recipe is from one of my favorite food blogs Jamie Cooks It Up. I have yet to try one of her recipes and be disappointed. In fact, everything I have tried has been great! This is the French Onion Burger of Wonder, and yes it is! Its delicious and one of the best burgers I have ever had! Nom nom nom!

(Please note this is her photo and the photo used in the original Pin. Not mine. Hers was just so pretty!)

Here is the link to her recipe from the original Pin She has step by step instructions along with photos and a link to print the recipe for your recipe box!

I also have a permanent link to her site under "Blogs I Love" on the right of my page. Check out all of her wonderful recipes and food ideas! She is AWESOME!

Normally I'd list the ingredients and what I did, but there is no need. I just went to her site and followed along, and since it was such a success the first time (and every time after that) what could I possibly add? All credit to her! Visit her site and enjoy the deliciousness called the French Onion Burger of Wonder!


  1. I just wanted to let you know I mentioned you on my blog. Love what you are doing here!

    this looks sinfully delicious, by the way!

  2. Oh Wow! Thank you for sharing my blog with your friends! I had to take a look at yours too of course. I love looking at what other people are doing and sharing. Maybe that's why I like Pinterest so much. Ha! Love your Blog name and the word art is super cute! I'll add ya to my list! Thanks again Janna!

  3. Love the new blog! Awesome name!! Good luck.