Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Make it nice again!

One of my hobbies is giving furniture a face lift, and my Mom's husband gives me pieces every now and then thinking I can use them. This time he gave me an old desk. To say the least, NOT attractive, and I really have no place for it. BUT I saw that a coat of paint and little make-over could give it life again and maybe a new home. :)  So here it is, my ugly little desk turned cute!



A little paint and some TLC can go along way even with the ugliest of items!

In this case it was VERY easy.

1) Paint(I used 3 colors....the green, white, and beige)
2) Paint brush or roller
3) Painters tape
4) Top coat

How to:
1) In a well ventilated area, pain the base of the desk or item.
2) You may need more than one coat so step 2 is to do more coats until all even.
3) While the base is drying, paint the top all white.
4) Again another coat or two if needed.
5) When all is dry, tape or stencil on your design.
6) Paint the stencil area with enough paint to coat well.
7) Let all dry.
8) Pull off the tape or stencil.
9) Touch up any edges or smudges.
10) Top coat!

You're done!  This took me only a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. I DIDN'T sand and DIDN'T use a primer. I used good old wall paint I had left over from Walmart in semi-gloss. I used 3 coats and it was good to go. It was really no sweat and it turned out dang cute!

Any boring item can be given new life with a coat of paint or some new fabric. I challenge you to try it! And I warn, its addictive to see your items transform!

-Happy Pinning!


  1. Love it! I probably would have passed it up without seeing the potential! Never again, after seeing this transformation!!

  2. Thank you Laurie! You just gotta see the potential. A simple coat of paint can brighten any piece of furniture!

  3. So cute! Could you go into more detail on how you did the chevrons?

  4. Steph, chevron can be tricky depending on the size of the project, but using tape is the best way to mark off and measure. I just used blue painters tape and measured how long the desk top was from left to right. I evenly placed 3 strips of tape vertically. You can see the three section in the photos above. If you want more up and down pattern, tape off more areas. Then using the same blue tape, one section at a time, measure out and tape the angled stripes. Use a leveler to make sure the tape is at the same angle as you go. Just do one section at a time as in the photo above. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions!

  5. Hey, maybe I missed it but what did you use for the top coat?

  6. Stephanie, I used Minwax Polycrylic top coat. It is water based and dries perfectly clear. Its the best stuff on earth! Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but its my favorite top coat. :) Hope that helps!