Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Make-up!

Okay, I am no supermodel, but I love make-up just as much as the next girl! In fact, me and a friend of mine frequent the isles of Walgreens and Walmart for eye shadows and lip sticks once a week. I blame Cara from the blog MaskCara! I love her tutorials, and my make-up drawer is full of products she has suggested. With Valentine's Day approaching I decided to try a few of her latest looks. Originally, I was attempting to do her Smokey Eye tutorial, but instead ended up with the look from her Blue Eyes tutorial. Does that make this a fail? Ha! But I think I can say, this look does indeed make my eyes pop blue.

I have to apologize up front! I am no good with my SLR at self portraits, so this is just an iphone pic (in my bathroom of course). Its a little bright and maybe washed out from the flash, but you get the jist. Bolder eyes, pinky cheeks and lips. Look at my lashes! No falsies there!

So in honor of Valentine's Day I put together some Pins you may be interested in for your date night in or out! And who said you need a date to look hot??

Half up and half down is perfect for any occasion! Visit www.iknowhair.com

  This is a fun look for us Blue Eyed gals! But she has a tutorial on every eye color! 
Visit www.maskcara.com

This is a fun outfit from Polyvore! Love its softness and pale color for Valentine's day. Very girly! Just jeans dressed up with pearls! Visit Polyvore.com!

My Valentine's Date will be at home with my husband and 2 kiddos. Making a heart shaped pizza, some Love Potion(frothy pink drink), and a movie on the couch with the hubby after the kids are in bed(wink!). Happy Valentine's Day!

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