Monday, February 11, 2013

Lamp Revamp!

I LOVE spray paint! (No, I am not a graffiti artist. Ha!) Its just such a nifty craft tool. It can transform anything from blah to brand new in minutes. I had a pair of lamps that I really liked, but they no longer matched my decor. They weren't expensive lamps and were totally replaceable, but I really liked their shape. So I did what I do best and salvaged them with a new coat of paint. I used Krylon spray paint in Aqua($4) and then bought new lamp shades ($13 each) from Lowe's. Took about an hour and ta da! New lamps and a fun new set of accents for my living room. They stand proud at the ends of my sofa!

Original Pin:

You can visit the Krylon site for tips, tricks, and project ideas!

1) Lamp base
2) Your choice of Krylon spray paint
3) New or existing lamp shade
4) Plastic bag
5) Masking or painters tape
6) Damp cloth

How to:
1) Use a damp cloth to clean off the lamp base.

2) Wrap the cord up into a plastic bag so it does not get painted and tape off at the base.

2) Following the directions on the can, spray the lamp base from several inches away. (Do this in a well ventilated area.)

3) Spray more then one coat evenly.
4) Let dry
5) Put the lamp shade on and place in your designated area.

How easy is that??  Happy Pinning!


  1. Love it! I'm redoing my living room and bought a can of Blue Ocean Breeze to use on my lamps.

  2. Leigh, that is the paint I used! I couldn't remember its exact name when I posted. Its a fun color! It sprays on nicely and dries fast. Would love to see a photo when you're done. I need to figure out how to make a place for that on the blog....Thanks for stopping by!