Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hand Print Art!

Are you familiar with Piggy&Paws, Inc? I am a major sucker for little hand prints! I went to a few of their parties when my daughter was born. So much fun! But just after my son was born we moved, and I could not find anyone who did it. So, I did my best with Google and Pinterest to find a DIY approach. I found the most wonderful blog! I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. She made templates you can download and everything! I did this back when my little boy was only 6 months old and its still my favorite wall in his room. He is approaching two years old next month and we are moving, so I will be recreating his room into a toddler room. Sniff sniff! And  his new theme will be Mickey Mouse(will be a future post!). So in honor of his nursery and the by gone days as a tiny baby boy, his little prints shared with everyone!

The original Pin:

I love her blog!  She has so many fun ideas and tutorials! She is listed under my page Blogs I Love or you can hop over by clicking the link www.iammommahearmeroar.net.

I got my frames at Michael's on sale for about $10 a piece. They are 12x12 and came with the white mat. I used scrapbook paper I already had and acrylic paint that I had as well. I printed her templates and it was literally that easy! The hardest part was getting the baby to cooperate. Ha!

Some tips for the painting/printing:

1) Use a paint brush to put the paint on the hand or foot. It gets the hand or foot evenly coated.
2) Don't cut out the shapes until after you have good prints you like.
3) I used a little water on the brush before dipping into the paint. Makes a bit of a clearer print.
4) This is a project of personal taste and it doesn't have to be perfect!
5) This is a two person job or you can expect a huge mess! Have a helper!
6) Press down on the hand or foot gently but firmly to make sure the paint transfers.
7) Have an easy access to a sink for clean up!

Visit the site for the templates and to see all her other fun ideas! Enjoy!

Happy Pinning!

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  1. Thanks for sharing ! I loved handmade products !