Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Growth Chart!

Am I the only one who feels time is passing by much too quickly? Has anyone else noticed little shoes are too tight, pants are too short, and ideas too big? I feel like somewhere along the time my daughter was born, time was set to fast forward. She is now 7 and my baby is almost 2. How I ask you is this possible?? 

I love little mementos of those tiny fingers and toes, and this growth chart is perfect for keeping track of those inches that accrued over night! Pottery Barn was the original product, and then Etsy shops started duplicating them(still $75!). I saw this growth chart on Pinterest and thought, "Yes!! I can do that!" Such a great way to chart their growth and take it with you no matter where you go. We have moved at least once a year over the last 5, so this IS a big deal! Ha! And it was the easiest craft I have done. Seriously!

Have I mentioned this is a super cheap project? $20 tops, depending where you get your supplies!

The original Pin:

You can visit the site and they sell this product too!

1) Wood board. (Mine was 6 ft tall x 7 and a 1/2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. Approx $6 at Lowe's)
2) Your choice of wood stain.(I used Golden Pecan by Minwax. Approx $3.99 from Walmart.)
3) A paint brush(Approx $2 from Walmart)
4) damp rag
5) Black Sharpie pen(mine was just a fine point. Nothing special)
6) Measuring tape
7) Vinyl numbers( I used 3 inch Helvetica. $6.99 from Michael's. Comes in a pack of the whole alphabet.)

How To:
1) Make sure wood is clean and dry. My wood was new so I had no need to sand or anything. You may need to if its still rough or splintery.
2) Apply stain according to directions. Let dry. I wasn't going for really dark. I like the look of the natural wood grain coming through.
3) Once all dry, mark off the "feet," using a measuring tape and pen. PLEASE NOTE: Your first foot is not a full 12 inches! Its going to be hanging on a wall somewhere. To accurately measure your children's height and not be taking it off the wall all the time, start at 6 inches.  Then hang accordingly.
4) Once all the "feet" are marked, measure out the "half feet." Hint, that's every 6 inches. So that's all the middle marks between each "foot."
5) Now continue to mark every inch.
6) When everything is all measured out and marked, us a black sharpie and a straight edge to draw on the lines permanently.
7) Place the vinyl numbers according to their places. Make sure they are pressed on well and no bubbles.

Finito! Growth chart complete! I have seen all sorts of ways to mark the growth of each child from photos at each age, to dates written in fun colors, and one used a small nail and charm with the date and initial. This project would be great for a salvaged piece of wood that's in good condition. The aged look would be incredible! Its also on the cheap for those crafters with a Cricut. Either way, I am really excited about this little project and can't wait to add their first marks!

Happy pinning!


  1. Amanda, I love this and I love your blog so much. You have the most adorable ideas and I love when you take a little inspiration and then make it your own. My chilis are 13 and almost 9.(Nine!!!) I am planning on making this for a baby shower for one of my best friends this weekend. I know she will just adore it.
    Thanks for all the great ideas. :)

  2. Thank you! Its so easy and I just know you're friend will love it! Doesn't time just fly by??