Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DIY Dino Hoodie!

Am I the only one who loves making fun crafty gifts for the kids?? I will admit I am the worlds worst seamstress, but I saw this Pin for a Dino Hoodie over the summer and could not wait to do it! It was July at the time, and even here in Washington, far too warm for hoodies. For me, Fall could not come soon enough! I decided I would make it anyway and then give it to him at Christmas. So for 3 months I waited in high anticipation! He opened it up on Christmas morning, took a look and....threw it to the side totally uninterested. Ha! It was not a toy car or Mickey Mouse, but I knew he would be lookin cute in it whether he liked it or not. And he certainly did. :) I am happy to report it grew on him and he is now wearing it everywhere!

p.s. Did I mention this project cost me less than $10?!

The original Pin:

1) Hoodie (bought mine at Walmart for $8)
2) 4 sheets of felt, color of your choice(bought mine at Michaels for .10 cents a sheet)
3) Sewing machine if you have one (This is an easy sewing project that can be done by hand)
4) Needles and Thread
5) Scissors

How to:
1) Cut diamond shapes from the felt. They can be all the same size or you can switch it up with different sizes. Enough of them to go the length of the hoodie from head to "tail."
2) Pin each diamond down the center of the hoodie from front of hood to bottom of jacket.
3) Using your sewing machine, sew straight down over the centers of the diamonds.
4) Take each side of the diamonds and sew together along the edges so that now the shape is a triangle.

Ta Da! Dino hoodie!

The original Pin has photos of each step which are very helpful. You can also visit her blog for more embroidery, garden, and DIY ideas!

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and safe New Year!


  1. Just found your blog - and I LOVE the idea behind it. Also, your hoodie looks even better than the original (kudos!)

  2. Thanks so much Tiana! I think it turned out pretty dang cute myself. lol. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!