Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mirror Make-over

A while back I bought a dresser off of Craigslist and it came with a huge mirror and a twin headboard. I knew immediately I wanted to turn the mirror into a chalkboard for my entryway. It had good shape and character and I had a vision! I think it turned out pretty cute and all for $10!


1) Mirror
2) spray paint in your color choice( only used two cans. $3 each from Lowes)
3) chalkboard paint in your color choice(used black just from craft section of Walmart. $4)
4) Painters tape
5) Newspaper or drop cloth
6) paint brush

How to:

1) Use a drop cloth or newspaper and lay your mirror on it.
2) Tape off the mirror with some newspaper to cover up the reflective part.
3) Spray paint the color on all of the surface edges. Repeat as many coats as needed to cover well.
4) When the paint is dry, pull off the tape and newspaper from the mirror.
5) Paint the chalkboard paint over the mirror. This will take several coats to cover and make smooth. Allow to dry as recommended by paint directions.
6) When the chalkboard paint is dry, take a piece of white chalk and rub all over to condition and wipe off with dry cloth.

Ta da! Now you have a fun chalkboard to write your calendar or schedule on or even fun quotes. Have fun with it!

Happy Pinning!

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