Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's time for Halloween!

I LOVE October! Fall rolls in and with it Halloween! It must be childhood nostalgia, but this is my favorite time of year. The crisp air, the turning leaves, the candied apples and caramel corn. My mom always went all out with decorating and making homemade costumes when I was a kid. I am not nearly as talented, but I already have the kids costumes ready and had my decorations up Sept 30th. Ha! Last year I made a few homemade decorations that I really love and hope to keep for years to come. My googly eyes frame and hanging Boo sign. They were so easy and honestly, you could just look at the photo and do it yourself! 

For the frame:

Find a frame that is wide and can show off a ton off eyes. I got mine at a thrift store. Use different sized googly eyes from the craft section at Walmart and hot glue them on. Add a little ribbon and an "Eek" or "Boo" to embellish. So easy! It cost me maybe $5 to make.

For the hanging Boo sign:

All you need is those cheap fiberboard letters from Hobby Lobby, some fun Halloween scrapbook papers, ghost stickers, ribbon, and modge podge.

Cut the paper out to fit the letters and modge podge on. Add the stickers where you like. Use the ribbon to tie them together.

Ta da! The Boo sign cost about $6 to make since I already had Modge Podge.

The Original Pins:

Very cute googly eye picture frame for Halloween
Boo hanging sign. So cute!

Wanna add some extra fun to your Halloween season? How about treating a friend or neighbor to a sweet surprise to pay it forward! Make a treat and print out these cute printables and leave a surprise for them to find!
Visit this link for the files:

you've been booed printable - so fun for kids! What a good idea!

Have a fantastic October! Enjoy your own cup of hot cocoa, pumpkin donuts, or whatever helps you ring in the Fall!

Happy Pinning!

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