Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Burlap Wreath! For Under $20!

I LOVE Burlap! Almost as much as I love Chevron prints, and that's saying something. Combine the two? Heaven on Earth!!! Ha! What can I say? Its really too much fun! Burlap can be so diverse, and when dressed up, made to be country or shabby chic. Add some lace or pearls and ta da! BUT it comes with a warning...ITS A MESS! Ha! A lesson I quickly learned. This however, does not detract from my love of it, or from the list of craft ideas I want to try!

My first attempt with burlap was this wreath and I absolutely love how it turned out! Even more so, I LOVE the price tag! Less than $20 to make myself instead of spending upwards of $40 on Etsy or in a craft store. It also did not take that much time or effort. Maybe two hours and a few glue gun burns.(Glue guns aren't my friends. ha!) I could not wait to hang it up! It rests proudly on my living room wall! Here's the How To....

1) Your choice of wire edged burlap, 1) patterned and one not.(I got my Chevron print and regular at Hobby Lobby at 40% off. Was $6 for 15ft. Generally sold in the ribbon section.)
2) Brown and cream regular burlap sold by the yard.You will only need half a yard of each at the most.(Walmart sells it for $2.98 a yard and Hobby Lobby for just over $3. So for half a yard of each $3 total!)
3) Your choice of twine. (I had some left over form a different craft.)
4) Pearl pins. (2.77 at Walmart)
5) Straw form wreath. (I got mine from Hobby Lobby for $3.99. You could also use foam or anything like it. The cheaper the better!)
6) Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks!
7) Scissors

How To:
1) Plug in hot glue gun and heat up.
2) Cut your cream and brown burlap by the yard into strips of varying lengths and widths.
3) With your wire edged patterned burlap, hot glue gun one end to the wreath. Then start tightly wrapping it around the straw wreath form. (A small side note, I left the plastic wrap it came with on. The straw is poky!)
4) When you have covered the full wreath, hot glue the other end down. Securing it in place.
5) Make your burlap flowers in different sizes and colors. Here is a great tutorial that explains it better than me!
6) Pin the flowers in the middle with the Pearl pins and secure in your desired pattern onto the wreath.
7) For a little added dimension, add some twine flowers as well. I just looped the twine to look like a daisy and hot glued the middle.
8) To make the bow, use the plain wire edged burlap and wrap twine in its middle. I recommend the wire edged because it holds its form, but the regular burlap would work too.
9) I used a small strip of the same burlap to hang it with. I hot glued the bow to this piece.
10) Hang on your door or in your house!

Me and a friend of mine had a wreath making day and I am working on finishing the other. Will post some photos of that one soon!

My pins of inspirations! I kinda combined the two!

My Chevron burlap wreath was inexpensive and fun to do! I recommend it to all! On a scale of easy being 1 and difficult 10, its a 2!

Happy Pinning!

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