Monday, April 22, 2013

Simple Mother's Day gift ideas!

Mother's Day is in less than 30 days. Ah! I feel like that snuck up on me! Better get on that. In our house, the general rule of thumb is to stay simple, and for fun, we always try to make the gifts homemade with the kids. Here are a few fun ideas we tried last year. Me and my fellow Mom's enjoyed!

Idea #1! Mother's Day Pull Tab Cans!
These were so fun to do! Candy filled goodies. And they were super duper easy!

What you'll need:
1) Several pop top cans.
2) candy
3) tissue paper
4) ribbon
5) patterned paper
6) Glue gun

How to:

Step 1) Buy a few cans of peaches or mandarin oranges(anything sweet really). The pop top kind. They are about .68 cents each.  I used smaller ones. You're gonna clean them out and don't want the smell of say asparagus or beans left behind. :)

2) Using a can opener, open the bottom. NOT the pop top!!

3) Clean out the cans well and dry.
4) With the bottom open, fill with candy of your choice and then add a small amount of tissue paper on top of the candy.( This paper will actually be on the bottom when flipped back right-side up.)
5) Using a glue gun, seal the bottom closed. That tissue paper is protecting the candy from the heat!
6) When the glue has dried and cooled, flip back right-side up.
7) Take the labels off.
8) Cut and glue your choice of pretty paper in place of the label.
9) Add the embellishments like ribbon and the cute print out.

10) Give to that special Mom!

Visit the original Pin here for the cute printables!

Idea #2! A bouquet full of family faces!
I took this photo a little prematurely. I filled the base with paper grass and tied a ribbon around the base and then added a little gift tag with a poem on it.

What you need:
1) Pail, can, or flower pot.
2) Craft sticks
3) colored paper
4) photos
5) Paper grass
6) Ribbon
7) Glue
8) Scissors
9) half circle round foam insert(at Michaels!)

What to do:
1) Cut crafts sticks to all different lengths.
2) Place the half circle foam insert into the can or pot. I actually glued it down with hot glue because I was shipping.
3) Cut out flowers and faces.
4) Glue faces to flowers.
5) Glue flowers to craft sticks.
6) Stick the craft sticks into the foam randomly and by height. Arranging how you want.
7) Place the paper grass over the foam and around the sticks.
8) Embellish with the ribbon and tags.
9) Give to the special mom!

So easy, but its cute and thoughtful for that Mom or Grandma!

Here is the original Pin:
Unfortunately, the link was disabled due to spam! But you get the idea. If you see the real link somewhere, please share it with me!

Lots of fun ideas on Pinterest for showing Mom's they are appreciated! Get your craftiness on and say a big Happy Mother's Day to the Moms in your life!

Happy Pinning!

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