Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mickey room!

Here is a sneak peek at Owen's Mickey Mouse room! He turned 2 today and it was the day of the big reveal. He loved it!

I am pretty proud of this simple little room. 1) I did this on a budget and came in UNDER, and 2) I kept it simple.

Have you ever noticed that Disney makes Princess bedding,  Mickey bedding, or Buzz light year bedding that is super busy to the eye? Please don't go thinking I'm judging you if you have one of those comforters! I just like a much simpler pallet, and I just couldn't find what I was lookin for. So, I designed a very simple Mickey Mouse room with out too much of a fuss and not too much a dent in the wallet!

There is no original Pin! This is a one of a kind Amanda design. Ha!

Here's what I did:

1) The bed was his crib and we took it down to the toddler bed. I bought 2 red sheets(Twin size) from Walmart for $4.98 each and some batting(Full size that I cut down) from Walmart for $5. I sewed the two sheets together and put the batting inside. Then sewed closed. Kinda like a very large pillow!

2) I bought a twin bed sheet set in yellow from Target($14.99). I cut the flat sheet right down the middle and used that liquid stitch stuff to make a hem on the side and for the rod pocket. No sew!

3) For the art, I bought the large canvas on sale(40% off) at Michael's for $17.99(24x36) and the three 6x6 canvases for $3.99 each from Hobby Lobby. I painted the 3 small ones with standard acrylic paint. I then ordered the Mickey vinyl from Target online for $22. Was a whole pack of all sorts, but I had my eye on the Mickey and then his ear silhouettes. It also came with a chalkboard die cut that I will use on another project...

4) The yellow pillowcase was in the bed set from Target and the Black pillowcase with polka dots was $2 at Walmart.

5) I used a light grey paint on all the walls ($16 a gallon at Walmart) and striped the wall the window is on.

6) One final touch not in the photo is a big Mickey Mouse plush toy($14.99 Target). He hadn't opened it yet. But it will sit on his bed next to the pillows.

Here is a before pic!

My budget was to spend $150 to $200, but I came in at $124! And what was once his nursery, is now a big boy toddler room! I highly recommend using your imagination and tricks you have learned on other projects. Bring your own creativity to the table and create something fun! Owen loves his new room and I am very happy with the way it turned out!

Happy Pinning!


  1. His room looks so happy and bright!

  2. I am loving this blog!!! Adorable room :)

  3. Leigh, Thank You! It was fun to do!

  4. Amy, I have seen how clever you can be! I LOVE your family wall and hope to replicate a similar idea on our new wall. Hope you don't mind. :) They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!