Sunday, April 6, 2014

Menu switch up!

I'm hungry but nothing sounds good. Familiar? I get bored with my usual menu sometimes and lately it has felt, Not exactly excited to make a meal when I feel this way. So I decided to hit my handy dandy Pinterest boards and switch it up. Spring is here right? (Well the calendar says so. Ha!) Out with the stews and roasts and in with the lighter springy menus! So here are 3 MUST TRY,( like right now) meals that we just love!

#1) Pollo Fundido aka Cheesy Chicken. This is our new favorite. Plate licking good! And thank you for introducing me to Mexican melting cheese! So many uses. This one won't disappoint!

Pollo con queso. Previous pinner said:  "Made this tonight and it has to be one of the best Pinterest recipes I've made to date. My husband, daughter and I all cleaned our plates!"

#2) Logan's Firehouse Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta. OMG! So cheesy and creamy! Kid tested with second and third helpings!
A taste of Firehouse in Logan! Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

#3) Cheap Korean Beef. This is the easiest meal ever! So fast it can be made in a jiff on a busy week night!

Ground beef korean beef

Visit the links for the recipes! These are so worth adding to your menus! And while you visit, check out their other recipes! So many good ideas!

-Happy Pinning!

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