Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love of Photography!

Today I would like to highlight one of my favorite all time hobbies...Photography! I LOVE LOVE LOVE photography! Saved up for a year for a good DSLR camera. But more importantly, I would like to highlight Holly Clouse and all  her photography savvy! 

You can visit her site and blog http://www.hollyclousephotography.com/ 

Our new Family portrait 2013! By Holly Clouse Photography!

I just love how the colors and the golden spring light came together! Holly did a wonderful job! Heart!

I interviewed Holly and she has some great tips and tricks for family sessions,etc:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into photography. Why do you love it?

Hi! I'm Holly, the owner and photographer of Holly Clouse Photography. I've been married to Nathan for almost 7 years, and we have two kiddos, Landon is almost 6 and Emmalia just turned 4. I home-school both kids, and in my spare time, we're flipping a house! I've always loved photography, and really started getting into it when Nathan & I were newlyweds, and when I was pregnant with Landon. Once he was born, that love really poured forth, since I had a little guy to capture! 

I love photography for so many reasons, but one of the huge one's is the look on a client's face when they see their images. I wish I could take an image at that moment as well, when they see the memories and love that their family shows, or when they see how beautiful they are. It is truly priceless.

2) How did you decided to do it professionally?

There are two sides to this question. The first was out of absolute love and joy for my art. I just adore what I do, and I wanted a career that I would just adore forever, and I do! The second was out of the need for a job where I could choose my own hours and have flexibility. Those two things meshed amazingly well, and with wonderful timing for me.

3) What tips and tricks would you give families for a good session?

Pick a time when the kiddos are happy! Before naptime or after, you know them best. A professional on-location photographer will have times they like best as we are light manipulator's, but should be willing to work with your family and the timing they need as well, and create lovely portraits. Also, something Amanda and her hubby where awesome at, leave some room for the photographer to get to know your kids! Unfamiliar person's with a huge camera can be quite daunting to some kiddo's. Alot of times I put the camera down, and just play for a few minutes, until they feel comfortable with me. We always end up with some happy images that way!

4) What outfit suggestions and tips? 

Color! Colors are so pretty in pictures, though a little girl in a white dress in a field of flowers will always make me swoon. :) Too many patterns can be a little crazy, so add designs and color pop's with accessories. For more, check out my page on it: http://www.hollyclousephotography.com/designing-your-session-style-guide/ or check out the amazing images of Amanda's family, she pulled it off to a "t"!

5) How to handle tough kids? (wink wink)

Besides, as I mentioned above, giving them some room, I can usually get laughs when I start dancing, telling stories, asking for silly faces in pictures, or pretending I don't want to photograph them anymore. It's amazing how willing kiddos are to get in front of a camera when they think you don't want them in front of it! It does really depend on the child though, and working with their unique personality.

6) Tell us a bit about your blog. 

I started my blog five years ago, and have never been able to stop blogging since. It started out as a family blog, evolved into showcasing portfolio sessions, and now is full blown to coincide with my business. I show off client and family images, discuss details on making amazing sessions, VIP specials, and blog every Tuesday about 10 things from the week before-probably my most read posts!

7) Maybe some small tips for moms just catching moments at home?

You don't have to be a professional to capture lovely moments. So many mom's think that's the next step to photographing their kids, and try to start or run a business, forgetting you don't need to do all that to capture fun moments. It's not just about the camera either, it's about capturing the every day, and the memories. Follow your kids around. Take pictures of them watching movies, eating, being silly, the little things you forget about sometimes. The moment's become SO precious, a mishmash of memories in a scrapbook someday to look back on, your most treasured gifts. Don't forget to hand over the camera to someone else, and make your own memories too! 

8) Anything else you want to add. :)

You can contact me at holly@hollyclousephotography.com, and find me at www.hollyclousephotography.com. I love making new friends!  Thank you for having me, Amanda!

Spokane Portrait Photographer

-Thank you for your time Holly! I love the photos and can't wait to hang them up! 

Again, you can visit her website at http://www.hollyclousephotography.com/

Here are a few more photos from our session!

Holly did a wonderful job and I am not sorry I didn't wait for Fall(my favorite time). Ha! The session turned out so fun!  Thanks again Holly!

Book your outdoor photo session with your local photographer! If you have your own camera, step out into the sun and shoot away! Enjoy the rest of spring and the upcoming summer season full of color and light!

Happy Pinning!

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