Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Mickey Mouse Invitations and party!

My son is Mickey Mouse's #1 fan! He LOVES anything to do with Mickey from the show, to his shoes, to fruit snacks. He calls him "hehe house." He's only two so work with me. Ha! Since he is obviously a nut for Mickey, it was easy to choose his birthday theme. I redid his big boy room(see previous post) and threw a Mickey party in honor of the birthday boy.  We just moved and given a bit more time it could have been even better, but I still think he had a splendid time and that's all that matters!

1) The invitations: For those of you with a cricut, this is a cinch!(My friend Brooke used hers to cut the ears for me.) But you don't have to have one to create these cute Mickey invites. Just use a compass or even a glass to outline the ears and inserts and then cut with scissors. A bit of glue and some buttons adds some fun character. I added a bit of yellow to my insert for some additional color. Hot Diggity dog!

The original Pin:

2) The Balloons: Sounds easy enough, right? I saw 2 different ideas and combined them. Harder than it looks to get them to stay up there! I got the polka dot balloons at Hobby Lobby and the rest at the dollar store. Just blew them up ourselves. Added some streamers and ta da! Yes Mickey balloons. Well, sort of. Ha!

The original Pins:

3) Make your own banner! I just used scrapbook paper, black yarn, and sticker letters to create this banner to hang with some balloons on the mantle.

I was going to buy a fabric banner for his room from etsy, but I ran out of time. So this sufficed.

4) More decor: I bought a red table cloth, yellow plates, and black napkins with white polka dots at Walmart. I then bought black cups and embellished them with some red paper and white buttons I had left over from the invites. I also borrowed some Mickey serving bowls and plates from my friend who threw her kids a big Mickey party last year. Its starting to feel like a Mickey party!

No original Pin on this one. I kinda just winged it! :)

5) The food: What is it Mickey loves to say? "Hot Diggity Dog!" So of course it was hot dogs and bratwurst served with potato salad, bbq baked beans, fruit, and chips. We are willing spring to return here, so what better than a picnic theme!

6) Mickey cupcakes! This is such a cheat! I did nothing special. Made the cupcakes with white cake and frosting. Embellished with a bit of red sugar and Mickey stickers on tooth picks that I got at Michael's. Yep, stickers. The 3D kind in the Disney section. So many options you can do right there! They already had a sticky backing and adhered right to the toothpick. No glue or tape needed. And the cupcake wrappers were also from Michael's. They have a pretty neat selection in their baking isle. :)

No original Pin. It was more of an etsy inspiration. You can buy all sorts of cupcake toppers and printables on there!

7) My happy Birthday boy in his Mickey shirt and shoes! 

 No original Pin, he is one of a kind! 

He had a great birthday! He wasn't sure what it was all about, but the food, friends, and Mickey made for one happy little man. Happy Birthday kiddo!

I love DIY ideas! Get inspired to use your imagination and create your own fun birthday party theme. Next year I am hoping to do a Pirate Party for his #3. So many cute ideas! I better calm down. I still have a year. Ha!

If you are looking for a cute site to purchase themed birthday items, you can visit www.partypail.com!

Happy pinning!


  1. Heather, I can see your comments through my email, but for some reason you can't see them from the blog. Weird! Anywho, I will have to go look at your Mickey Party! It was pretty darn fun to put together. There was an etsy shop that sold a package of printables for like $20 or so and it was everything you could think of, but I ran out of time with the move. So I just did it all myself. Turns out, its more satisfying that way. Ha!

  2. what a sweet idea, so many fun touches!

  3. You did a great job in this party, Amanda! I love how you managed to incorporate Mickey in everything, from the invites down to the food. Speaking of those invites, I adore them. :) I actually did a Cinderella party for my daughter's 5th, but the most creative I got was printing the invites on powder blue cards with the Disney font. Haha!


  4. Ivette, Thank you! I had a blast doing this party! It wasn't huge, but its the thought that counts. :) When my little girl was 3 we did a princess party! Her favorite is Cinderella. That year EVERYTHING was Cinderella. :) Doesn't matter how fancy, its the effort that counts! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. About invites: did you use cardstock? How many per invite?

  6. Cynthia, yes, I used the 12x12 sized cardstock. I got about 3 to 4 invites per piece. The cardstock is sturdy unlike regular paper that can be a bit flimsy and thin. I even printed on white cardstock. Have fun with your Mickey Party! :)

  7. how large were your envelopes

  8. My envelopes were card sized, not letter sized. They needed to be more square to acommodate the mickey ears. I just got the envelopes at Michaels by the stationary section. Hope that helps!

  9. i was thinking square shaped but it just seems like the invitations are so small. ill see if i can figure it out thanks

  10. My invitations were about 5 inches across. A little more at the ears. How big are yours?

  11. i haven't made them yet. was trying to figure out how to do so at what size and i was thinking if i bought some 6x6 envelopes that the widest they could be was about 51/2 and ears

  12. Are you using a cricut or cutting by hand?

  13. Such lovely DIY Mickey Mouse party invitations and the decorations are also wonderful. Well, I also need some chic inspirations for my son’s upcoming birthday and your post is giving me high goals of using this theme. I have pre booked one of the rental party Chicago venues for this bash.